2 May 2017

My top comedy picks for Brighton Fringe 2017 #Brighton #Brightonfringe @BrightonFringe @LambComedy

Here it is! My favourite time of year and my annual list of comedy picks who you should consider seeing over the Brighton Fringe. I could highlight all your brochures as usual, but to be honest it takes me too long! So here you are... Match these up with the comedy section of the actual brochure or search the shows/names on the Brighton Fringe website.

Firstly, let's start with Lamb Comedy Productions and yes, I'm bias as I'll be with them once again this May/June at the Nowhere Man Cafe in Brighton

My show, 'The House' is a mix of new characters and some ‘Made in Cumbria’ favourites such as Joy Hope. Page 40 of the brochure. The show is set on Derwent House on a secluded Derwent Island in Cumbria. The audience all come to visit and see what goes on behind closed doors. You'll also be able to purchase a original Joy Hope book so don't miss out. Get your tickets in advance by clicking here as last year my show completely sold out.

There is a brilliant line up at Lamb and you should definitely grab yourself a brochure listing all the shows. 

Here are my top favourites at Lamb Comedy all at The Nowhere Man Cafe

Gould & McCarthy: Death, Goths, Kittens & other cute things

Cheekykita: Somewhere in the Ether
(Surrealism and dance at it's best. You will cry laughing I promise)

Donal Coonan: Mr Grebe is taking your class today

Ian Lane: If you lived here you’d be Ian Lane by now

Joe Jacobs: Ripe

Julie Jepson: Randomonuim

Duker & Henderson: Soph Opera

Lamb Chops - A night of a selection of the best from the Lamb brochure

Lambs to the S-Laughter - A selection of new comedy talent

Follow Lamb Comedy on Twitter  so you don't miss out on any shows!

My Brighton Comedy Favourites

About an hour: Julie Oliver, Catherine Heskey & Roz Ryan share an hour 
Broadway Lounge 

Aidan Goatley: 10 films with my dad, his granddaughter, my wife and her mother-in-law
Sweet Dukebox 

Anthony Ayton: Belongings
Sweet Venues at Waterfront 2 

Brodi & Dave: Paranoid
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick  

The Late Show at The Warren, Studio 2 - A brilliant mix of comedians giving you a taste of various shows that are in the Brighton Fringe

Sameena Zehra: How not to steal a llama
Blue Man 

Sean McLoughlin: You can’t ignore me forever
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Simon Plotkin is Gerald Galbraith: Troubadour
The Warren: Studio 3

Single: Martin Huxter & Rebecca Shorthall

Spectacular Sisters: Sha Wylie

Urges: Ben Carter & James McDonnell

Some of my personal favourite comedians 

Amy Howerksa : Progress (work inn)
Caroline of Brunswick  

Beasts present Mr Brighton 2017
The Warren Main House  

Chick Ass Comedy: Robyn Perkins, Sarah Iles and Ria Lina
Laughing Horse at Quadrant 

Elllie Taylor: Work in Progress
Laughing Horse at Quadrant  

George Egg: Anarchist Cook Part Two ‘Second Helpings’ 
The Warren: Theatre Box  

Funny Women Awards: Brighton Heats
Komedia Studio 
Louise Reay: Hard Mode
Komedia Studio 

Helen & Micky’s work in progress
Junkyard Dogs 

Kitten Killers: Stallions
The Warren: Studio 3 

Super Cally Fragile Lipstick: Cally Beaton
The Blue Man 

Troy Hawke: Milo McCabe
Laughing Horse at The Caroline of Brunswick

Viggo Venn: The life of Pepito
The Warren: Theatre Box

Zach & Viggo: Dream Team
The Warren: Theatre Box 

Zach Zucker: Human Person
The Warren: Theatre Box 

Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop
Best Comedy Award Brighton Fringe 2016 - This show is a MUST SEE!!
The Warren: Main House 

Haven’t seen full show, but heard great things list

1 woman, a dwarf planet and 2 Cox: Samantha Baines
This show sold out consistently at Edinburgh Fringe
The Warren: Studio 2

The Alasdair Beckett-King Mysteries
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Default Friends: Horace
Blue Man

Dignity Off: Matt & Sunjai
Sweet Waterfront 1

Doug Segal: I can make you feel good
Gem Electric, 88 London Road

Guy Wah: Professional Arsehole
Sweet Waterfront 2 

Imaginary Porno Charades 
Sweet Dukebox

The Jest 
The Warren Theatre Box 

John Pendal: How to escape from stuff
Blue Man 

Mad about the boy - Stephanie Laing
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Nicole Henrikson: Techno Glitter Penguins
Marlborough Theatre

Sarah Callaghan: The pigeon dying under the bush (preview)
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Tom Ward: Work in progress
Junkyard Dogs

Yuriko Kotani: Work in progress
The Warren: Studio 3

Other character comedians I fancy seeing

Alice Marshall: Blood
The Warren: Theatre Box 

Bryony Twindle: Twaddle 
The Warren: Theatre Box 

How to be good at everything: Next best thing - Katie Davison and Jay Bennett
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Northern Power Blouse
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Owen Roberts: The Man who ate too many raisins
The Warren: Theatre Box 

Sagar Mega Drive - Fiona Sagar
Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick

Tracey Tracey: Nicola Cross
The Warren: Theatre Box

Siblings: Maddy & Marina Bye
The Warren: Studio 3 

I am sure I've missed some great shows out, but for now these ones are on my hit list for the fringe. Make sure you try something new, support local talent and if you like something make sure you tell your friends. 

It's not in the comedy section, but I'm also taking part in two of the Smut Slam shows throughout the fringe. Smutty story telling and a variety of performances. 

See all the comedy shows and other categories at https://www.brightonfringe.org/

When I'm not at Lamb Comedy you will no doubt find me with food and a green tea hanging out at The Warren.  Hope to see you at a Brighton Fringe show very soon! 

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