6 Oct 2016

My Edinburgh Fringe 2016 round up post

Ok, yes it's October but here's my final round up Edinburgh post. I put this on my facebook profile when I came back home, but thought it is time to share to my blog.

Firstly, I am so glad I got the chance to do Edinburgh. It’s totally what you make it. I set intentions to get one good review and one sold out show. I got a handful of great reviews and sold out several times! That feels like an achievement. Other intentions/goals were to become a better performer and writer. I know I did that. 

I will admit the first day of being there, when I filled in my calendar for the month, I wondered what the hell I had got myself into! It was so daunting and really scary. Then I realised I just needed to take it day by day.  

You learn a lot at Edinburgh and learn it fast. One day you get audience members who really hate you and the next you get ones who love you. Everyone gets that. You can never be sure what's going to happen, but whatever happens you have to learn from it and move on! I saw people who got five stars one day get one or two stars the next day. It's all about a reviewers or audiences personal taste. You really can't please everyone all the time.

My audiences were brilliant. I had people of all ages from 14-90 years old who loved the show.



Yes, at times you do compare yourself or get jealous of others, but you soon realise it's not worth the energy. I kept a journal to record my feelings and thoughts every day. There was a pattern of being so nervous and excited in the morning before a show and then filled with adrenaline and energy after a show. Also, being so hungry after performing!!

Sadly, I did witness bitching, sexism and homophobia against some of my fellow female performers. Also, predatory males who want to put notches on their bedposts during the festival. Yep, us women, we talk amongst ourselves and we know who you are. Also, we can see what you write on Facebook. I was slightly surprised by some male comedians being very bitchy and cutting towards other female performers.

Regardless of the negativity, I felt that the female performers I know were doing especially well this year getting sold out shows, having brilliant posters and working hard achieving great reviews. I say this as I saw a lot of male performers (great performers I might add) have to pull their shows some days due to lack of audience.

I learnt how important it is to be happy for fellow performers, support them and their success. We are all in it together.

The great things I want to focus on are that I made new wonderful friends, had the chance to be part of a 5 star/sold out every day show with Anna's award winning 'It's got to be perfect' at the Voodoo Rooms, and I got looked after incredibly well by Sweet Venues. 


I got inspired by brilliant comedians and saw loads of amazing shows. I got to celebrate the end of the fringe dancing until 3am on the final night surrounded by friends!

I will say that I still don't understand people who complain consistently about Edinburgh. If you don't like it then don't do it. If drinking until 5am is making you feel shit then don't do it. If doing your comedy show is making you feel depressed - don't do it. Life's too short!!

Yeah, I was sensible with no drinking, early nights and eating healthy. I found a great juice bar called Hula and basically lived in there. I still had a great time and I worked really hard. I treated it like a job. There were hard times, but I still had fun. I loved it. 

So big thanks to everyone who supported me, came to see the show, was kind and showed me some love in person or texts/messages. I appreciate it. Huge thanks to Sweet Venues who are like a big happy family always there to support you. Can't wait for next year! Already working on a new show (currently called 'The House') and saving my pennies! 

Here's the photo of me on my final day crying against my poster so sad it was all over and feeling proud of myself

If you want to see more of my Edinburgh experience you can have a nose at my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/_jpostlethwaite/

Here is also my thank you to all the Cumbrian support I received and to Kendal Mint Cake for sponsoring the show with : http://www.cumbrialive.co.uk/comedy/Stand-up-Jane-thanks-Cumbrian-comedy-fans-for-Fringe-success-483df816-94fa-4b01-a230-8c3fda00d133-ds

While I was in Edinburgh I managed to podcast with Davey Reilly and Erin McGathy who were also doing their first ever Edinburgh solo shows. 

Have a listen below:

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