22 Dec 2015

Eight really important things I learnt from Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected

I recently spent a few weeks catching up with, 'Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected' as I had never seen the early episodes due to not being alive at the time of broadcast. 

These are the main eight things I noticed from the programme and are very valuable life lessons. 

If you piss off your wife or girlfriend they will kill you. 
If you are cheating on your wife you will end up dead.

If you died naturally, but pissed off your wife she will keep one of your eyes and your brain in a box and make sure you suffer.

Old women running bed and breakfasts like to use taxidermy on young handsome men so they will never leave. 

If you try to murder your wife you will not get away with it. 

If you are stressed and around a Doctor they will offer you a cigarette to calm your nerves.

Never trust a man who looks after bees.

You can never put enough face cream on, well, your face. 

It also seems that people who do remember the programme are terrified and mentally scared for life by these opening titles.

What the internet says about Tales of the Unexpected ( Tales of the Unexpected) is a British television series which aired between 1979 and 1988. Each episode told a story, often with sinister and wryly comedic undertones, with an unexpected twist ending. Every episode of Series 1, eight episodes of Series 2 and one episode of Series 3 were based on short stories by Roald Dahl collected in the books Tales of the Unexpected, Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You.

If you have any Tales of the Unexpected stories leave them in the comments below.

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