16 Nov 2015

Why Romney's Kendal Mint Cake are legends #kendalmintcake #Cumbria #comedy

I have got into the mindset of 'if you don't ask for what you want, you will never get it'. I try use this a lot in my day to day life. As some of you may know, one of my characters Karroll Kavannagh, Survival expert, talks about and promotes Kendal Mint Cake in her bit of my 'Made in Cumbria' show. 

I am currently rewriting my show to improve it and make it as shiny and funny as it can possibly be. I have also been planning the logistics going to Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. 

In this planning, it came to my attention I would need a lot of Kendal Mint Cake. Seriously, a lot. I thought I would take my chances and write to Romney's to see if they would be up for sponsoring a Cumbrian comedian and her show. They emailed me back the day after I sent the letter saying 'yes!' and then they sent out a whole box of Kendal Mint Cake for me. Hurray! So that is the show covered. 

Massive thank you for Romney's Kendal Mint Cake for supporting my show. 

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Here are some facts about Kendal Mint Cake for you. You're welcome. They came off Wikipedia anyway. 

Kendal Mint Cake has been used on many expeditions around the world as a source of energy.

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