24 Nov 2015

My Spectacular podcast has begun! #Brighton #SpectacularPodcast #Spiritjunkie #Bigmagic

Very excited to have my podcast up and running. My Spectacular Podcast is now on iTunes and on Mixcloud where you get extra bits such as full recordings of the Bad Book Project which is recorded at the Marwood Coffee Shop and Studios.

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Book called, 'Big Magic' and listening to her podcast, 'Magic Lessons' I realised I just needed to make the leap and just podcast! So, that's what I have done and it's lots of fun. 

I have already podcasted with some of my favourite comedy people and there are so many more to go. It's great to be getting the podcast running after planning it for so long. Hope you enjoy the epsiodes. If you do please subscribe on iTunes and you can follow me on Mixcloud.

Here's my latest podcast talking to Amy and Lulu from Lamb Comedy Productions.

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