31 Jul 2015

The first Bad Book Project has been a success @The_Marwood #BadBookProject #Brighton

Just blown away how great all the special guest readers were for our first ever Bad Book Project. Amazing audience too. Thank you all for coming out to support the night. Thank you to Hannah Brackenbury for taking these photographs. Big thanks to everyone making it the night I wanted it to be and more! This night needs to happen again

Our awesome readers last night were:

Rob Dumbrell
Michael Neal
Dame Amy Mazing
Miles Mlambo
Joe McCarthy
Sam Savage
Vicky Gould 
These people are comedians, actors, musicans, DJ's, producers and more...

Quotes from audience were, "I got lines around my eyes from laughing and couldn't control my pee" and "It was as equally funny as it was depressing" 

We will take those comments with pride.

Our winner for best bad book was Vicky Gould reading from Peter Andre's autobiography. She won some Blue Nun. We will be getting Vicky to come to the next event to read more.

Big thanks to Nick at the Marwood coffee shop & studios for giving full support for the night in a beautiful room, PA system & extra help setting up.

I recorded the night so hopefully it recorded OK. I will let you know when/if that is made live. If you want to come to the next event, please give this page a like to stay updated on when the next night might be: https://www.facebook.com/JanePostlethwaiteComedy 

(You can also see more photographs on the facebook page)

If you are on twitter you can follow me at @_JPostlethwaite and use the hashtag #BadBookProject There are tweets/photos from the night already on twitter.

What is the Bad Book Project?

The Bad Book Project is a new free Brighton night run by me (Jane Postlethwaite) at the Marwood cafe and studios.  It is a fusion of ideas from worldwide nights that I think are awesome.

It is mainly inspired by the American events called 'Moth' and 'Celebrity Autobiography'.
From researching for my night, I know there was also an event called, 'Bad Book Club' run by Robin Ince in London many years ago. I have heard of it, but never saw it or read the book about it. I have been in contact with Robin Ince on twitter to make him aware of my night and he replied telling me to go ahead with future nights. I know also know there is a great night in London called, 'Cringe' where people read out their childhood diaries or stories.

My main inspiration for the night was a video of Kristen Wiig reading from the Suzanne Somers Poem book, 'Touch me'. See video below. I ordered the poem book from America 5 years ago knowing it would one day be read at a night like this. Miles can be seen reading from it in the pics above. 


As far as I know, there has never been another night in Brighton & Hove like the Bad Book Project. The night is made extra special and unique by the talented people who come along to read and the fantastic audience. I want the audience to be able to sit and fully relax in an intimate environment so they can have a really good time. No two nights will ever be the same.
Watch this space for the next event!  

Make sure you follow me on twitter @_JPostlethwaite On Instagram @_JPostlethwaite and on facebook at facebook/JanePostlethwaiteComedy 

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