8 Jul 2015

New original comedy night - The Bad Book Project Thursday 30 July @the_marwood #Brighton #badbookproject

I'm so excited to be announcing a new night that I'm running at The Marwood cafe on Thursday 30 July. The reason why I'm super excited is that this has been a project that I have been thinking about and planned approx 5 years ago! 

The night is called the Bad Book Project and features special guests reading from their favourite 'bad books'. These books could be celebrity biographies, sci-fi or horror, or anything else that's just 'bad'.*

The Marwood will be hosting us in their stylish upstairs setting and you can come along get a cold or hot drink and snacks.

I have already lined up some amazing people to come along and read. More details on the special guest readers next week. Until then, save the date in your diary!

This first night will be a trial and if it works I hope it will become a regular thing.  Doors open 7.30pm and it's completely FREE! 

Hope to see you there and bring your friends x

*The only rule is no 50 Shades or obvious erotica. 

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