1 May 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #21 Countdown for Brighton Fringe 2015 #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

The clock is counting down and I am surprisingly calm. It's officially Brighton Fringe time. Hurray!!!!!!!! 

This week I have been on Juice FM on Brighton Nights with Boogaloo Stu talking about my fringe show. I will put that up on the Mixcloud account when I get the audio, if you fancy a listen. I also got a mention on Cumbria Crack the website that has all the news from Cumbria. Proud. 

My interview with Lulu Baker for The Comedy Social that I did on International Women's Day a few months ago can be listened to below. I talk in my best radio voice about my Brighton Fringe show and character comedy. My friends Vicky Gould, Julie Jepson and Amy from Lamb Comedy Productions are also interviewed.

This week I have been preparing for my Fringe show by getting the final edits of scripts all set, choosing the final music for the audience to listen to when they come in and leave. I have chosen songs that I like and what relates to the characters. These will 'set the scene' for the evening.

I have the tunes on repeat so I can get used to them, so they 'trigger' characters and I can put positive associations with them. When they play at the show I will be in the right head space to perform. If you are writing a show or characters, I highly recommend you make playlists for your characters or show in general. Do it on Youtube, Spotify or Mixcloud.

I already have people for the audience pencilled in for the Made in Cumbria shows so I won't be playing to an empty room. Here is a reminder of the dates to save in your diary. 

I also got very keen before the Otherplace launch party last night and stapled up my posters at Fringe City on New Road in Brighton. I then realised I wasn't supposed to do that and had to take the posters to the fringe hub instead. Oops. Here are some photos of me having a little proud moment with my illegal posters. (Photos by Rob Dumbrell)

The party at Otherplace was amazing! The new venue location is so great. I will be performing there with Le Cluck on May 8 and May 21.   

Here is a peak out my outift I wore for the launch party. I wore my Designosaur badge and Mo Brog shoes! 

I have now updated my website with my gig details and shows. I am doing Le Cluck and a guest spot at Lamb Comedy Productions throughout the Brighton Fringe. Dates can be found by clicking here.

Yes, nerves are kicking in, but I am very excited for my show. This weekend I will be seeing some comedy, performing and preparing for Made in Cumbria. I have a inkling I may cry after Monday's show. I have worked so dam hard and it's my first ever show. We shall see....or you can see...come along Monday 4 May. (May the 4th be with you) Come watch me cry real tears and I am bringing chocolates too.

If you want advice on my picks of comedy for the Brighton Fringe see my blog post with my hand picked list: http://jane-postlethwaite.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/my-brighton-fringe-diary-20-my-pick-of.html

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