25 Apr 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #20 My Pick of comedy at Brighton Fringe 2015 #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

Anyone see The Argus guide to the Brighton Fringe this week? Myself and Lamb Comedy are in it. 

All my friends are asking what comedy to see at the Brighton Fringe 2015 so here are is my yearly blog of my top comedy picks in no particular order, apart from the obvious alphabetical order. 

You can find these folks in the Brighton Fringe brochure and circle them. Plus, I have put links to them on the Brighton Fringe website. I haven't got time to give you a full review of them or add all the pictures so I have tried to write at least a sentence of why you should see them. The fact they are on this list should be enough. Enjoy x

Ade Foiadelli : A clockwork bollock
I met Ade when I did a radio play recently. Warning his show will include swearing and some rudey bits. Not for the faint hearted.

Aidan Goatley : 10 Films with my Dad
My lovely friend Aidan is guaranteed to make you laugh and be charming with it. 

Brilliant sketch comedy


Bent Double 
Comedy night hosted by Zoe Lyons 

The Colin Hoult Shows
My favourite from last years Brighton Fringe

Dan Fardell: At least 100 jokes  
He's a lovely guy and he has at least 100 jokes

Funny Women Awards
I will be entering again this year! Wish me luck. 

George Egg: Anarchist Cook
Go see George cook with hotel appliances. It's very entertaining and will make you hungry.

Harriet Kemsley: work in progress

Anna Morris: It's got to be perfect 
New show from Anna after her two previous sell out shows


James McDonnell: End 
He's loud, musical and brilliant
Joe Foster & Mike Cox: Jam Comedy 
Top class humour

Julie Jepson: Personal Triumph
My friend Julie will be awesome. Go see!

Kitten Killers
Saw this at Edinburgh and it was very funny! 

Lamb Chops
Can't wait to visit this new venue and see all the different comedians they have

Lambs to the s-laughter  

Liam Williams: Capitalism

Looking out for Linda - Comedian Sam Savage's solo show

Mixed Doubles

Pigs in Gin
With Roz Ryan and Graeme Collard
Love these two. You won't be disappointed. 


Sean Mcloughlin: Breaking point
You will come out of this show with a secret crush on Sean


Short and Girlie show
Fun and brilliant improvised show


Zoe Lyons: Mustard Cutter
Zoe is always amazing

Louise Reay - It's only words
This show is all in Chinese and I have seen a taster. It is extremely funny! 

Sticky Digits - An audience with Pamela DeMenthe

Finally, I am involved in a couple of things during the fringe. Firstly, I was asked to be part of Le Cluck which will be at The Warren for two nights only Friday 8 May and Thursday 21 May. Grab your tickets soon as it is expecting to be very popular. http://boxoffice.brightonfringe.org/cabaret/9354/le-cluck

Then there is my own show, 'Made in Cumbria'. If you would like to come along these are the dates and times. I am doing four dates only, so save a date in your diary.
Monday 4 May at 7pm
Saturday 16 May at 7pm
Thursday 28 May at 7pm
Sunday 31 May at 5.45pm

The show is FREE and is upstairs at The Quadrant.

I will be hanging around The Quadrant, The Warren, Otherplace at The Basement, the Komedia, Lamb Comedy and no doubt a few other places! 

See you at Brighton Fringe!

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