20 Apr 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #19 Just stuff I have been doing #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

Hey Everyone!  Great news - my ankle is better after two weeks of intense pain! No more crying in disabled toilets for me. I've had ice packs and painkillers for two weeks. It's been so frustrating not being able to move quick and that. Now I can. High fives all round.
Teach me for taking my angst out on a pavement. I am happy now. 

(Especially when I am wearing my HelloDoDo 'TADA!' T'shirt see below).

Lately, I have been busy recording a radio play, script editing for my characters, performing comedy and watching comedy. Other news -  I am taking over The W Review's instagram this week with my images from being out and about in Brighton & Hove. Stop by and say hello.

How weird was that seamist we had on the seafront? Spooky. I took this photo below on Hove seafront.

Loved recording the radio play as I got to hang out with comedians all day including Joe McCarthy who I think is awesome especially with his green hair. (see below in front of the infamous wall of Bill Murray)

I have had to make myself stop and take breaks this last week. I work a full time job and often after work go home to do more work on my Brighton Fringe show. I have also been working through weekends.

I talked to another freelancer about the anxiety of not knowing whether you have done enough and feeling guilty when you do have breaks. We both agreed that lists and doing a bit at a time should be then rewarded with some free time. 

I managed some free time this weekend spending time on the beach and hanging out with friends. (Actor Paul Marten tried to bury me on the beach - see below - didn't really work)

I had a lovely gig at the Marwood last week and made the mistake of having a coca-cola at 8pm. The gig went well and I was home at 11pm. However, the caffine made me stay awake until 2am. Naughty. I blame James McDonnell as he drank at least 3 black coffees before his set. 

Here's some pics from the night which included my comedy friends Johnny Wardlow, Sam Savage and James McDonnell. I took my character Karroll Kavannagh, Cumbria's leading survival expert out to play. (see above)

I have also been handing out my flyers in cafes, my hairdressers and any where that will have them. Here's my flyer in my hairdressers, Stone Hair in Hove. Look out for my flyers around town.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by actors, comedians, writers and directors. I have called on a couple of friends to help me edit down my scripts. At the moment I have more than I actually need. We are, 'panning for gold' now! 

One of my bestfriends, fellow comic and writer, Becki has been helping me edit. We have laughed so hard at our sessions together and it has made the project fun again. The work should be fun otherwise what is the point?! When you are working along you can start to doubt yourself and worry about shizz. Having someone to bounce off really helps. I have a couple of people in Becki and my director Nicola. My writing is naturally quite dark and Becki has helped me realise I had too much cancer and murder in my work. 

This is me laying on the floor laughing and quoting Becki. (See below)

Here are some other pics from the weekend attending Titter at The Caroline of Brunswick where Joe McCarthy read out a lovely story. I love having comedian friends it makes me so happy.

More work to be done with only two weeks until the show. Still got work to do. If you are coming to the show remember to save the date in your diary. 

I am gigging twice this week taking two characters out to play at Otherplace at the Basement on Friday 24 April and at Funny Women on Saturday 25 April. I am also recording a interview with Juice FM next week - exicting stuff. 

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