31 Mar 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #17 Viva Magazine & getting sh*t done @viva_brighton #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

First bit of news this week, I'm in April's edition of Viva Magazine. Alex did a really lovely interview and I am really happy with it. I talk about comedy, being Northern and Booths! Result. Look out for this gorgeous cover.

In the press photo I am wearing my Designosaur necklace. Thanks Karli and Jaq. The second bit of news is I am getting down to the final edits of my show. Working hard on getting a script together into a sequence. I am also planning on recording some links and extra bits of the show over the Easter Bank Holiday.

I have also been thinking more about the music I want in the show. I might be going slightly mad tonight, but I have listened to Jeffrey Osborne's On The Wings Of Love at least five times and realised I know more of the words than I should. Plus, I do a pretty mean impression of his voice.

I have felt a bit anxious a couple of times late at night wondering if I have remembered to do things or having more ideas about improving the script. I had bad sleep three nights in a row. I have taken up swimming once a week to help me burn off energy to help me sleep. It helped on Monday! I even went for a run tonight to get out some stress/anxiety. I felt a bit wobbly emotionally today. (My Dad is so proud I have started running as I come from a family of runners. I have never had any interest to run before. Today was mega stressful) I am back to balancing a demanding day job and preparing my show. I know I have to be 100% focused in these last few weeks before my first show. It means so much to me.

I have some help and guidance from friends for the writing and for directing the show. I am lucky to be surrounded by fellow comedians, writers and directors. The real work starts now! I'm getting all the characters on their feet and making the whole thing as funny as possible. I keep going back to my original intention that I want the audience to have fun at the show and I want to have fun performing it. Otherwise, what's the point?

I am being selfish and focusing completely on myself at the moment. I am sorry to friends if I seem preoccupied. I am being totally selfish. I have even stepped up my healthy eating regimen and I've been cooking really healthy meals. I went to VegFest UK at the weekend and stocked up on healthy powders and energy boosters.  Also, this new exercise plan of swimming plus running a couple of times a week should help me relieve my day job stress so I can focus on writing/performing. I have kept up my meditation too to make room in my head for ideas and give me peace to be able to find time to also relax and sleep. I know I will become overly sensitive and to be honest there will probably be some crying before the first show. Yeah, I predict maybe one meltdown. I have warned my friends. 

Now, I just need to keep believing in myself and find a good work/life balance. It can be done. Keep believing. I realise at times like this how anal I am  much of a perfectionist I am. This sh*t is for real. 

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