27 Mar 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #16 10 top tips on how to not go nuts when working alone on a fringe show #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

I've been in the North for a week now and I have noticed how far I have come in terms of spending time alone. I now really enjoy my own company. When working on a big project like a fringe show you are often working alone and problem solving. Even if you enjoy your own company, after a few hours of this you can tend to start feeling slightly low on energy, possibly a bit down, start doubting everything you are doing and feeling ugh. This is the time to mix up that energy. Take a break.

Here are my 10 top tips that have helped me keep going the last week.

1) Spending time with friends and family talking about anything apart from your show. Here's a photo of a cat I found in a charity shop. We didn't mention my show once.

2) Eat well. If possible go out to a cafe to eat. Have cake if you want it. Life's too short.

 3) Work in new places like cafes or outside

 4) Play some music for a bit and even have a dance around the room (or have a secret dance in an art gallery - see below)

5) Go play basketball or a sport of your choice - I played basketball on an empty court for 40 mins. I also stretched, did some yoga and a headstand while I was there! Why not?!!

6) Visit a museum - I went to the beautiful Dock Museum, made new friends and tried on hats. Plus, I learnt about vikings and history in Cumbria! I like the way the exibits have questions with them. For example, "Did someone try to cremate this skull?"



7) Go to your Nanna's for a Nanna tea. If you don't have a Nanna get someone else to make you a Nanna tea. Looks like this. Real chips made in a real chip pan.

8) Get inspired - This could be from listening/watching other comedians or funny programs. I have loved watching 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix. Plus, listening to American Comedian, Dan Cummins' new album Chinese Affection. 

9) Meditation - Visualisation meditations are great to help you focus on clearing your mind making room for more creativity and for imagining how your show might feel / look / be. 

10) Walking - Go for a walk. Take your music/headphone/podcasts and walk. Enjoy a view. Come back, sit outside and have a cup of tea. Enjoy another view.

Hope these work for you. Just remember you can so much fun even if you are on your own. 

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