26 Mar 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #14 Supporting the W Review @theWreview #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

Hello from the North!

I am currently having a writing/working week to get everything sorted for my Brighton Fringe show. I wanted to blog today and tell you about the fantastic Kickstarter campaign that The W Review are doing. I write for their website and really believe in their ethics. 

Writing articles for The W Review helped me in a time I needed to share what I was going through. I also got a response from several women all going through similar things. It helped me feel less alone in my situation and gave me support. See my W review articles at http://www.thewreview.com/author/jane-postlethwaite/

Here is the Kickstarter video and you will see I am in it.

WHY the kickstarter for The W Review?
Here is what Claire says,

"Every woman is different. That’s a fact.
Plus every woman can feel different - every day. Whether she’s going through something new or trying to make a change - be it in her career or day to day life, every day has its’ ups and downs which is why we wanted to create a space for women to get answers, get advice & feel supported any time they needed it. 

A big ask you say?
Let’s think about it. The internet has generated millions of articles about current affairs, conspiracy theories, Miley Cyrus and cats, and covers almost every niche imaginable (and unimaginable!) It’s completely democratic, and therefore the perfect platform for a website publishing relatable, inclusive, insightful content that will actually help those reading it.
As my Mum has always said ‘anything is possible’, and in the 3 short months since we launched we have posted over 150 articles, welcomed over 12 regular contributors, had over a hundred thousand individual page views, developed an interactive social media presence and received national press coverage. We’re hoping that Mum really does knows best.."

Can you donate a couple of pounds to the cause? If yes, please follow this link and make a pledge: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thewreview/the-w-review-a-positive-honest-community-for-women

Here is my lovey friend Claire doing her first vlog for The W Review.

Thanks for all your support xx

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