1 Mar 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #10 Jugglingprojects #MyBrightonFringe2015 #MadeinCumbriashow #spiritjunkie

This week has been another busy one. I have been rehearsing for the comedy mockumentry that we are filming in 2 weeks. I have had a gig at Rabbits in the Headlights at Otherplace at The Basement. Then on Saturday, I was in a studio for 9 hours recording a comedy radio play with a handful of other comedians. Loads of fun! The radio play is by Alfie Shaw called, 'Don't worry! It's only the end of the world'.

Other news is that the Brighton Fringe website has gone live and you can see details about my show here. I have also now signed off my artwork and it has been sent to the printers. It's all happening! I still have a hell of a lot of writing to do and once I have the filming project out the way I am going to head up North to a secluded village to complete the final edits for the show.

I am really tired tonight so here is the last few days expressed in photographs! 

Sound check at Rabbit in the Headlights at Otherplace at the Basement (below)

 A load of comedians messing around after the show

Meeting Cally Beaton in person. We have been facebook friends for ages!!

Cally & Roz Ryan relaxing in the green room that is not green.

Rabbit in the Headlights host Rob Dumbrell (Below)

More messing around after the show at Otherplace at The Basement


Headline act James MCDonnell (Below)

Me doing Kirsty Bird (Below)

Backstage at Rabbit in the Headlights with very cool Cassette Boy artwork (below)


Recording the radio play (Below) with Alfie Shaw (writer & comedian), Ade Foiadelliand (comedian), Joe McCarthy (comedian) and Sarah Iles (comedian)

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