19 Jan 2015

My Brighton Fringe Diary #6 - Playlists and shower inspiration #mybrightonfringe2015 #spiritjunkie

It's been a over a week since I took one of my characters out to play with in front of an audience. When I am not performing I like to go and see live comedy. Last week I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Al Murray at Brian Gittins' comedy night at Sticky Mikes Frog bar. Sat on the front row, me and my friend Becki were subjected to some banter and a bit of chatting up. Nice. I laughed so much at the gig that I physically hurt for two days afterwards! Here's photo showing us on the front row with Al Murray. That's me with my hands up! I have no idea why. I guess I am just expressive!

At the weekend I also went to Titter a comedy night at The Caroline of Brunswick which was lots of fun. It is nice to be able to go out to watch friends do comedy and sit with friends in the audience. It was exactly a year ago since I set myself the task of gigging every week in Brighton which led me to meeting some great comedy contacts who have become great friends. A year on these people are still so supportive and still (thankfully) fun to be around! I know a few of them are going to go on to do great comedy things this year! They deserve it. 

I haven't sat down to write anything over the last week for my show. I have been using a process that I know works and that I respond to. Basically my technique is to think about the character I want to work on and then I get on with my life. That's it. It takes a lot of faith to trust in the process, but try it if you can. Then my subconscious keeps working on my ideas and then presents them to me at a time I am ready to work. For example, tonight I came home to work on my show and was slightly thinking about one of my characters. However, my brain waited until I was in the shower to then give me loads of ideas. I then had to remember and then write out the ideas out in one long flow. I love it when this happens. You often don't get a choice of when you will receive your inspiration. Just always have a notebook and pen to hand! Even if it's a list, a song, a piece of clothing....it's all inspiration.

In the TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert she describes a similar process of working with a genius. I strongly recommend you watch this video if you haven't already. I did post it in blog diary #3 but here it is again:

I have found that most of my inspiration seems to arrive at once and flow out onto notebooks, post it notes, the notes in my phone or to scraps of paper... It feels good when that happens. 

Another way of getting inspiration is to create a playlist for my characters. I used to use this method when researching for a acting role. One song can give you a sense of the type of person the character is. Creating a playlist can give your character a life, a history, and personality. This can also be handy when you need to get into character quickly. One song can instantly get you into the mood. I am in the process of picking out songs for my characters and it's so much fun. I have also stumbled onto some classic songs which I love! I am a bit obsessed this past week with listening to MC Hammer's, 'Cant touch this'! I am aiming to learn all the words as my 2015 party trick! My friend, Richard suggested that I should also recite the lyrics in the style of a poem. I tried it on the first verse and it has lots of comedy value!

Try it:

My, my, my music hits me so hard
Makes me say "Oh my Lord"
Thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hype feet
It feels good, when you know you're down
A super dope homeboy from the Oaktown
And I'm known as such
And this is a beat, uh, you can't touch.
Good hey?!
I have also been continuing my healthy eating, yoga and meditation to clear space in my body and mind. I have noticed that I have stacks of energy that I am not quite used to! Friday night I was bouncing round my flat doing yoga and dancing to get rid of some energy!! My Daughters of Culture leggings arrived last week so I was looking extra stylish doing my poses. This leggings are the softest leggings I have ever experienced. I love them! I have started a instagram yoga/photo editing project just because I was a bit wired, but in a good way. Check out my Instagram profile for the photos.  

One of the things I have been struggling with is thinking that I should be doing things all the time. I found it hard to just relax and do nothing. Even sitting down to watch a film leaves me restless. I have to keep an eye on my sleep and one late night can disrupt my whole week. Seeing Al Murray last week was a bit of a late one and I felt grumpy on Friday and Saturday. I had to fix that with a nap. Sometimes a nap is all that's needed to reset everything!  I have also slowed right down in the evenings the last few days to catch up with myself. Tonight is a lovely relaxing evening giving me time to have a shower, have a snack, write up this blog post and play with one of my characters with no pressure. It's fun. 

Oh and today is supposed to be Blue Monday - if you find yourself moody and fed up I recommend you get MC Hammer's, 'Can't touch this' on your iphone/ipod/mp3 and listen to it on repeat. I bet you will feel happy again in no time! 

See you next time where I will be writing about researching characters a bit more and coming up with personalities/stories for them. Plus, I will discuss how researching a thing can make you start doing that thing....yeah. I'll explain next time.

Below is a gift for you. You're welcome. x

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