8 Jan 2015

My Brighton Fringe diary #4 Keeping healthy and calm #MyBrightonFringe2015 #spiritjunkie

I came back from The Lakes on Monday and was in a train carriage for two and a half hours with every second person coughing their lungs up. As you know, you can't open a window on a Virgin Pendolino and I begin to panic that illness was in the air and would find me. 

If you have committed to any work you know that illness is a big no no. I don't want to be ill while I am working on my show or when my show is on. No thanks. I decided I would make extra sure to keep illness at bay, both mental and physical illness. As you may know I have been working relentlessly on keeping my mental illness under control after a tough seven months. I am aiming to prevent all illness rather than be at the stage where I am having to be treating it. 

I am continuing on my mindfulness yoga, meditation, shiatsu, positive Spirit Junkie app affirmations and walking as much as I can. I am now introducing more health in the form of a healthy diet, juicing and adding Matcha green powder to my daily diet thanks to the Teapigs 30 day Matcha challenge. My first few days have been Matcha on my gluten free porridge and it's really tasty.You can follow the hashtag #matchachallenge on twitter and Instagram to see what other people are saying about it. 

I also have the help of Gabby Bernstein and now Tara Stiles. Tara Stiles is an incredible woman. I especially like her as she has long skinny limbs like me and is graceful with it. I felt like I was an awkward giraffe at many of my initial yoga classes. Tara Stiles flows and makes it look so simple. I want to be her. Here is a short video of her doing her thing. Watch it.

Did you watch the video? Now try to tell me you are not totally in love with her!!

I bought Tara's two books Yoga Cures and Make your own rules diet

The 'Make your own rules diet book' is really gorgeous with personal stories and photographs. You get to know how to eat healthy, think healthy and exercise healthy. 

The books only arrived yesterday and I have already been trying out the green 'Kermit' juice recipe. 

All you need is:
1 Cucumber
4 big stems of kale
A handful of Spinach
1/4 inch of fresh peeled ginger
2 stalks of celery 

The juice you get is, not surprisingly, bright green and tastes really fresh. Within an hour you feel brighter, more alert and have a spring in your step. Plus, you feel smug because you just dusted off your juicer and you juiced!  

I am definitely feeling more calm and relaxed after my two week Lake District break. I have more space in my mind which helps me focus and be creative. This is good and I really want it to last as I am taking out one of my new characters for the first time on Friday! I am nervous, excited and scared. I keep thinking back to my mantra that it needs to be fun. It needs to be fun for me and more importantly fun for my audience. 

In preparation for Friday, I did a two hour comedy session in my living room with fellow comedian Julie Jepson on Tuesday. We workshopped our material with tools like 'hot seating' where you ask the other person, who is in character, lots of questions about themselves as that character. It's fun and you can be surprised with what you come out with. I have also been using my xmas present Dictaphone to record my character, listening back and then editing and reediting again. I think it's so important to meet up with like minded people to share ideas and try out things. I will be doing lots more of this over the next few months with my fellow actors, writers, comedians and directors.

I'm using Friday's gig as a time to play and have fun. I know I will learn a lot from getting my new character on her feet and making mistakes. Through making mistakes I will be able to keep improving/editing my characters. What would be the point of it being perfect the first time? There is nowhere to go with perfect. I will let you know how it goes!  

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