22 Nov 2014

It's Starling time again in Brighton & Hove

It's my favourite time of year. No, not because it's nearly Christmas. I don't like Christmas so it's definitely not that. It is my favourite time of year when the starlings come to Brighton & Hove. 

I saw last week flying from Hove to the West Pier. My heart started pounding with excitement. I 'speed walked' it to the West Pier. I tend to 'speed walk' every where these days. Gets rid of anxiety and tension. Recommend it. 

When I (speedy walker) got to the West Pier around 3.30pm ish the starlings were there putting on a show for me. Iphone camera in hand I tried my best to capture them. My Instagram is currently rammed with West Pier and starling pics and videos. I predict this will continue for the next few months. (Looks closely and you will see the cluster of birds)

Today I wanted to go to Brighton Pier (Palace Pier for you people who insist on correctness) either way, the starlings were going to the pier and that is where I wanted to witness them close up. Of course on Brighton Pier they are speeding around so quickly it's hard to get a decent shot on my iPhone. But, I tried. The birds were having such a great time going over and under the pier.  

It's such a breath taking sight and I highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoy my photos and videos. Follow me on Instagram for more pics of starlings, the west pier, countless sunset or cloudy skies and the odd something that makes me laugh.

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