3 Jun 2014

What a brilliant #BrightonFringe 2014! My round up blogpost @Brightonfringe @latestbrighton

I can't believe we are a few days into June already and the Brighton Fringe is finished for the year. What a ride!

It has been over 6 months of hard slog preparing for the Brighton Fringe. I have been learning three comedy scripts for Bite-Size productions, fitting in rehearsals, working on/perfoming my stand-up set, writing a fringe show with my partner, promoting the shows/work I am doing, writing ideas for a show for a possible fringe show next year, blogging about the Brighton Fringe, performing preview shows...and the rest! (Plus, like many other performers I hold down a full time job to pay my bills).

My Blog was printed out at The Warren Venue
This year has been the best fringe I have experienced mainly because I was so involved with it. Since Christmas I have tried to gig every week in Brighton & Hove. Plus, I have been intensively rehearsing for Bite-Size. Along the way I have made so many new friends. I now feel like one of the 'comedy community'. I didn't know such a scene existed. It really does. The proof is I have some really lovely new friends who are comedy savvy, being creative on a regular basis and very supportive. 


I also made an effort to spend lots of money on Brighton Fringe tickets to see lots of comedy shows and support the festival. See my previous blog posts which mention the shows I went to see and recommended. (Click Here)

I loved Anna Morris's show, 'Bitchelors', now called, 'Would like to thank'. I was inspired and blown away by the Colin Hoult shows which I dragged many of my friends along to at The Warren (my favourite venue). They were all glad I did as we all had face ache from laughing too much.


There were many other great shows that I really enjoyed such as, 'Heat pumps, Kate Garraway & other niche concerns' with Julie Oliver & Phil Lucas at The Temple bar. Lynn Ruth Miller's show '80!' and Zoe Charles' show, 'Memoirs of a Slutsky' at The Marlborough Theatre. (There were many more, but these ones are the ones I can remember off the top of my head! Did I mention I am a bit tired?!)

Working with the Bite-Size team was hard work, but rewarding. I got to work with some of my close friends from previous projects and made some more new friends. Our home throughout the Brighton Fringe was at the Latest Music Bar every Sunday morning for 5 weeks. I know I will miss getting up early on a Sunday morning to go and perform in the venue. (I never thought I would say that sentence, ever).

The Latest Music Bar our 'home' for 5 weeks during the Brighton Fringe
I also worked on a Fringe show. The show was a work in progress called, FarmHouse. We previewed FarmHouse on Thursday 29 May at the Hobgoblin. It was at FarmHouse I first tested out my new comedy character Kirsty Bird. You will hopefully see more of her over the next 12 months. 

Kirsty Bird - FarmHouse
We also tried out our new characters Helen and Antony who are a little bit too obsessed with St.John's Ambulance. We had such a lovely supportive audience and a fun time at FarmHouse. We roped in a couple of our Brighton based actor friends to also be in the show. Thank you Annie Jackson, Laura Mason & Tegen Hitchens.  We have lots more work to do on FarmHouse, but it was great to get it up on it's feet after months of writing/planning. 

Audience for FarmHouse at The Hobgoblin
To finish off the Brighton Fringe, I was nominated for the Latest Best Female Performer Award for my work in Bite-Size. It was the icing on the cake (as they say!) My Bite-Size partner in crime, Ben Richardson was also nominated for Best Male Performer. Bite-Size was nominated for Best Theatre Performance
Ben Richardson & me performing in Bursting for Bite-Size

We went to the Latest Music Bar last night (Monday 2 June), our Sunday Fringe home, to the awards ceremony with a small handful of our Bite-Size team. I was nominated with three other women. NOMINEES: Liz Peters (Toybox), Kate Goodfellow (Smoking Ban), Jane Postlethwaite (Bite-Size), Emma Sarjeant (Jerk).

At the weekend, Liz Peters and I were also in the Funny Women Award heats at the Komedia.
Me & Liz Peters
All three of the other nominees had written, performed and produced their own one woman shows. I knew that I wouldn't be able to compete with that and really respected the amount of time, energy and talent they have. The winner of the award went to Kate Goodfellow for Smoking Ban. Kate is taking her show up to Edinburgh in August so make sure you see her if you get the chance. To see the full list of nominees and winners click here. 

Me & Kate Goodfellow winner of the Best Female Performer Award

I wore my Designosaur Royal Pavilion Necklace to the Latest Awards. 

My Bite-Size partner in crime, Ben did win his award of Best Male Performer and we are so proud. Unfortunately, Bite-Size didn't win it's award nomination and lost out to Thief. We were all over the moon just to be nominated.

The award ceremony was a lovely way to end my Brighton Fringe and I can't wait for next year! 

Miles, Andy, Julian Caddy (Managing Director of Brighton Fringe, Ben, Me & Heather
Some of the Bite-Size Team

Thank you to the Brighton Fringe team and Julian Caddy for a great festival. Thanks to my lovely cast mates and new friends. Also, thank you to everyone who came along to support the various projects I was involved in and voted for me in the awards. I really appreciate it. I will be putting more photographs on my facebook page soon from behind the scenes. 

I am now taking all that inspiration and spare time I now have to start work on my next project which I hope to be a fringe show for 2015.  Watch this space. 

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