21 Mar 2014

My top pick of comedy shows for Brighton Fringe 2014 #BrightonFringe

Another year with my orange marker pen circling comedy shows in the freshly new Brighton Fringe brochure choosing my top picks of the Fringe. I also seem to be doing this for my friends in their brochures. So, just for you, here is my top list of must-see shows. Get tickets quick as they will sell out once people get a whiff of how good these people are.  

In no particular order...

Colin Hoult has several shows at the fringe this year that include his unique characters including my favourite, Anna Mann (see pic below). This particular character makes me cry real tears down my real face cheeks. I think Colin is great. Recommend if you love dark humour and a cheeky wink.

The Colin Hoult Shows

Mega Carnival of Monsters

That Pair at Upstairs at the Three & Ten

I've never seen these two perform as I kept missing their shows last year due to other commitments. I'm looking forward to seeing what they are all about and I have tweeted them to tell them so.

Beasts – I have caught up with the Beasts shows at Edinburgh and in Brighton at Upstairs at Three and Ten. Their shows are made up of sketches that are extremely original and very funny. Plus, they are really nice people.

Tamar Broadbent – Be prepared to be surprised with this gorgeous lady. You won’t get what you think you are getting - don’t be fooled by the innocent photo. Highly recommend this for fans of musical comedy with a difference. I don't usually like musical comedy, but loved Tamar's set when I saw it. A full show will be a treat and a half!!

Funny Women Heats 2014 at the Komedia Studio

I will be competing in these heats like I did last year. Funny Woman support female comedians so you get an all female line up in a very friendly atmosphere. Tickets always sell out mega fast so get them sooner rather than later.

Elf Lyons - Elf Lyons is a pervert at Upstairs at Three and Ten.
I met Elf in the Funny Women semi-finals last year where we were both performing and she got through to the finals that night. I haven’t seen her show, but I am interested to see what she has got in store. (Plus, I just want to say hi again in person)

Bite-Size plays at the Latest bar in Kemptown
A selection of 10 minute comedy plays over two menus.  You also get breakfast as these shows are at the weekend in the morning. I am in three plays across the two menus. Come along and bring your family to drink tea/coffee, eat croissants with strawberries and to watch as the comedy unfolds around you.

Zoe Charles - Memoirs of a Slutsky
I met Zoe about a year ago in the studio of Leicester Square Theatre when we were both experimenting with new material, but she had her vision of a show very much in reach. Zoe has gone on to create and write her show, 'Memoirs of a Slutsky' which I am looking forward to seeing at The Marlborough Theatre. 

My top FREE fringe picks

Anna Morris – Bitchelors (Work in progress)

I am a big fan of Anna's work ever since she performed her show ‘Dolly Mixture’ in the Edinburgh Fringe. She has the talent and high standard of writing to present several comedy characters who welcome you into their world. Really recommend.

Farmhouse – From the creator of last year’s ‘Andrew and the Pony’ comes Andrew Bridge's, 'Farmhouse' which is an eclectic mix of comedy characters, sketches, videos and more. (I am slightly bias as I will be in this show with a couple of my own comedy characters)

Luisa Omielan – Luisa blow people away with her show, ‘What would Beyonce do?!’ at Edinburgh a few years ago. She has since toured WWBD across the globe. I was lucky enough to see one of the sell out WWBD shows in London. She is back with her new show called, 'Am i right ladies?!' (which I saw last year at Brighton Fringe when work in progress) Recommend you grab a group of friends to experience Luisa’s show as she makes you feel like you are part of the party. You will come out of her show energised and smiling.


I have found some more shows that I want to add to my comedy picks. My first post on my top picks can be seen by clicking here

There are some I know will be great and there are some that are 'wildcards'. (I won't tell you which are which)

Mike Wozniak: Master of Disguise at The Burrow at The Warren 

Heat pumps, Kate Garraway & other niche concerns with Julie Oliver & Phil Lucas at The Temple bar 

Jessanory: Jessica Fostekew at The Laughing Horse free fringe at The Quadrant 

James McDonnell : Family Values at the Blue Man 

Kevin Eldon and some colleagues at Brighthelm Church and Community Centre 

Sarah Campbell :  Is everything okay? at The Caroline of Brunswick 

Harriet Kemsley : The irrational fears of Rillettes at The Quadrant 

Kitten Killers - Upstairs at Three and Ten 

Sarah Iles in 2 guys and a girl...! at The Temple Bar

The Old Spice Girls at The Blue Man

I'm going to keep blogging about recommendations so please tweet me at @_JPostlethwaite or leave a blog comment below if you have recommendations.

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