8 Nov 2012

The curse of the social media username?

After an long hard think about it, I've made the switch to a new exciting Flickr profile. I have actually been on Flickr since January 2007. That's quite mad as it is nearly a whole six years ago. Yes, I am really good a math. (I totally had to count out the years on my hand to work that out)

OMG! Why have you switched to a new Flickr account, Jane? Well, I am glad you asked. You see, my old url is The Brighton Fashion Stylist. I am no longer that girl. I am a woman now. Stop laughing.  I haven't been doing fashion styling for over 3 years now so I needed to shake the old freelance career and start a fresh. I had to switch accounts as once that Flickr url is in place, it is in place FOREVER! You can not change it, EVER! Yes, honestly. I totally Googled it and checked.

As you may know, I have banished removed most of the 'stylistbrighton' (fashion stylist) persona, except on twitter. Why not on Twitter, Jane? Again, thanks for asking. The twitter username is a tough one, I will try to explain. Firstly, I am secretly scared if I change my username I will loose all my followers as no one will know who I am. Secondly, what the hell do i change it to? My full name doesn't fit as a username. I have tried and most of the other usernames have been taken by people who have tweeted once. (editing note: leave me a comment if you have a new twitter name idea)

We were clueless back then. You remember, back in the times of 2005 - 2007 when social media was the new underground thing. Ok, maybe not an underground thing, but it was pretty much a free for all and an experiment no one really knew was going to catch on. There was no advertising on Youtube, you got to know the Flickr community in a day and there were seven of us on Twitter. We just picked usernames. We could have any names we wanted in the whole world, without having to put a number on the end of them. Yes, I know. Those were the days. Any names we wanted and God knows, now we have learn't the lesson that jobs, location and life changes! I have anyway, as most other people picked names that would take them into the next decade. Wise.

I think there are several morals to the story here, but to be honest I am really tired tonight so I will just give you my new Flickr account and let you work out the life lessons for yourself. Good luck. I hope you will have a nosey at my pics and add me as a contact if you want to. 

Feel free to share your social media username experiences in my comments section below. We can work through this together. Shhh...hush child. It will be ok.

Look how random FUN Flickr are. They taught me how to speak Cat. #LOL

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  1. I created gstockton and use that for personal stuff. When I worked at CMS i had cmsgstockton and at new company ptnxgstockton. I now find myself at a crossroads too. KRED. This is an amazing service. It calculates your social influence, so setting up pseudonyms for work can have implications down the road. I'd love to have everything go through gstockton, but I find I just can't blend my business with my personal life because I like to throw the odd expletive around every so often. Thanks for the link to the new Flickr account. Will check it out.