10 Nov 2012

My first week of November in words and pictures

This week has been a ‘get back in the saddle’ kind of week and not just because my gorgeous signed copy of Jill Greenberg ‘Horses’ book arrived all the way from New York. This is the book I won on twitter from Milk Studios a couple of weeks ago. It is outstanding. I recommend this book if you are a horse lover or even if you just appreciate photography. I wish I had a coffee table to put it on.

So this week, I have placed the reins on, put on the saddle and got a foot in the ….oh god, who am i kidding with this comparison of riding a horse with just doing more creative stuff? No one, that’s who, especially not myself. I will stop it there. (Note to self: Stop trying to be all clever with words and that)

Basically, I now have more time for photo editing, my software has been updated and now I have a new Flickr account. Insert round of applause. Plus, I have embraced Pinterest and Instagram.*

Lets keep this simple, for the other stuff I have been doing or thinking here are some pics with a little explanation. (Yes, that’s a lot easier)

The Pumpkin 
I walked past this pumpkin almost every day this week. As the week progressed so did the deterioration of it's sad face. As the week progressed, I empathised.  As would you.

The Leopard Print
Anyone who knows me, knows I am mad about Leopard Print. Mad. I once wore four pieces of leopard print all at once for an outfit involving leopard print shoes, belt, scarf and shirt. Ok, it was for a bet, but I would do it everyday if I had enough leopard print clothes and accessories to wear. On Thursday night however, I realised, after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I had done something new. Some might say, something never been done before and probably never done ever again. I found myself lounging around my flat wearing three different types of leopard print in three different colours. (pause for your gasp)

(Hell yes. I am totally wearing this again. By the way, I hid my face in this picture as I have been really tired this week and no one wants to see a tired leopard print lady staring back at them. Especially not tired wearing three different colours/styles of leopard print.)

Things I purchased for inspiration & for cheering myself up

'Self Portrait Photography' by Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela. I've been inspired by Natalie's work and been admiring it for nearly seven years now. The book is really useful and has got me all fired up to finally edit my photos and to do some new projects. Two years working full time and doing a diploma course in the evenings/weekends didn't leave much space for editing. Watch this space. Actually, just watch my Flickr account.

On the theme of buying happiness, today I went into a little shop I have walked past many times in the North Laine. I don't know it's name, but it is on Kensington Place with a green exterior. It has no obvious name that I could see. (see below) EDIT: Someone has said it is called, 'Blackout'


This peacock came in a pack of six for just £1. Bargain. 

I alm also the owner of two new tin insect brooches. On the green label it says, 'New Fashion Brooch' and ' Japan'. I say these things with a Japanese accent, because I can. I can try, that is. I got a waspy bug thing (latin name) and a dragonfly. The bug looks great on leopard print. Phew. My Frida patchwork is modelling for you.

The lady with the oil (above) was on the bag I got from the shop for the brooches and peacocks. The lady looks real happy. Happy about her oil! Although, it does look like nice oil. If you are into that sort of thing.

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