19 Oct 2012

My week in pictures - Warning: This is an overshare of 7 days of my life

Since getting an iPhone I take loads of photographs on it but never share them. What is the point of having photos if you can't spread them around gaining an effect similiar to rubbing grains of salt in peoples eyeballs? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. People do it everyday on facebook.

Looking back through just one week of my phone photos it is very obvious that a lot happens in just 7 days. So, as a special treat I will give you an insight, a 'tip of an iceberg' one might say, Who actually says that?!!, a de pommes de terre minuscule of my week.

Tea with a lovely friend at Pho.

Lidl always cheers me up with it's bright colours and retro cereals.

On a walk along to Hove Lagoon I saw the kite surfers and the sunset.

Prepare for the salt in the eyeball moment.

I made a chicken soup supply on Wednesday. On Thursday, after seperating out some of the supplies, I realised that the bottom of the pan was burnt. There's only one way to dispose of chunky burnt soup and that is the Northern way of flushing it down the lav! You can have that top tip for £1 FREE.

My flatmates long awaited Fondu set arrived. He will be so excited. I emailed him this photo.

As i said, just a glimpse. Just a glimpse.
You are very welcome.


  1. From a very concerned Northern mum........worried about that burnt pan.....did you manage to get the bottom clean?


    1. Yes, the pan is clean and as good as new!! x