6 Sep 2012

My interview with Barbara Hulanicki #BibaBeyond

Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki is a new major fashion exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery celebrates all things Biba and Beyond! The exhibition takes place from 22 September 2012 to 14 April 2013.

To 'celebrate' I have dug out my some work I did at Brighton Fashion Week 2010. I was able to meet Barbara and do some video interviews. Here is my interview with her before she took me out for some lunch.


  1. Adore her! Was in Biba in '71! I didn't get who she said was a favorite designer today. Who did she say?

  2. Hi Liz, Not sure which designer she said. It would have been one of the designers from Brighton Fashion Week. I think it was one who was quite minimalist. Jane x