30 Aug 2012

Part Two - My first time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival #EdFringe

Part Two - Saturday at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival  2012

Saturday kicked off by seeing one of my favourite female comedians, online healer Rachel Stubbings. Rachel’s show ‘Stubbing out Problems’ was at Bristo Square and used satisfying amount of trademark dark dry humour. I also got to say a quick hello after the show which was lovely as I think she is ace.

We hung out in the Pleasance Dome before seeing Nick Helm who doesn’t disappoint in his ability to make you join in with punching the air, relate to his love of Fanta and watching him do some admin.

With my jaw aching from laughter from spending an hour with Nick Helm I then went to not laughing once at Paul Foot. Not once! Don’t get him at all. I feel like I wasted an hour on an uncomfortable chair in a cold dark room. Shame.

Mustering up hope that laughter would return, we went on to see the Australian Sam Simmons. He took us on a sad surreal tale which still has us mimicking his Australian ‘Oorr’ of disappointment. (I just Googled Sam and found out he is 35 years old. Younger than I thought. See pic below) 

The Saturday night was rounded up by being sat second row centre seat in front of Simon Amstell to see Tim Key. Simon dug his knees into my back a few times during the performance. I forgive him due to being a fan of his. So much of a fan in fact that I pretended I didn’t even know it was him sat behind me. Tim Key did a great show and likes a bath. I never knew. I thought he looked a bit pale and was concerned about his health but maybe that is what you look like if you have so many baths. Maybe. We also bumped into Tim Key Sunday night on the stairwell at The Guilded Balloon. He wore a blue leather jacket. There was rumour he'd had a shower. Controversial.

Continues tomorrow...

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Rachel Stubbings http://rachelstubbings.com/

Nick Helm http://www.nickhelm.co.uk/

Sam Simmons http://www.samsimmons.com.au/

Tim Key http://www.timkey.co.uk/

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