31 Aug 2012

Part Three - My first time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival #EdFringe

Sunday at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Kitson time!! We managed to get tickets to Daniel Kitson through a kind Channel 4 friend. Once again I didn’t know what to expect with Kitson. I knew he had been in Phoenix Nights so that was enough to make me want to see him. I can’t even begin to explain, I guarantee no one who saw Kitson would be able to explain it. What we witnessed but will simply say it was story telling at it’s best.

We had a spare ticket for Kitson so I invited Comedian Taylor Glenn along and got to meet her for a chat. She won’t mind me mentioning she was a bit hungover after all the action from her Saturday night show. You can read her blog post to find out what happened to her.

Sunday evening was spent seeing Stewart Lee. All he does is look after kids and drive around apparently. Roisin Conaty, a comedian who’s Edinburgh preview we saw in Brighton a few months ago. Roisin was down to Earth and very engaging. Interesting to see the preview and the actual show from a research point of view. We stayed up to finish the night watching Taylor Glenn’s Reverse Psycomedy at The Guilded Balloon. I especially enjoyed the childhood tales about the cats/kittens.

Monday at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012
Our final day came around too soon. We decided to gamble on some comedians at The Pleasance Courtyard. We booked tickets for Beasts. “Three refined gentlemen of comedy. Part-time heroes, full time handsome.” This was an hour of well polished sketch show material that had me laughing very loudly. (I liked them on facebook and followed them on twitter within an hour. That’s how much I enjoyed the performance!)

Next we watched The Freewheelin’ Cariad Lloyd at The Pleasance Courtyard, in the Cellar. (Cariad deserves a much bigger space to work in) She was nominated in 2011 for Best Newcomer at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards for her debut solo show, Lady Cariad’s Characters. I really enjoyed watching the mix of characters, her energy and improvisation skills. 

Our last stop was Josie Long who I have been wanting to see live for a long time now. Josie’s podcasts helped me through some hard days. She didn’t disappoint.

We then our time was up and we had to go straight to the airport and get on our plane back to Gatwick. Sat in the airport looking out over the hills as the sun went down I thought about what a great city Edinburgh is and all the laughs we had.

I really don’t know why I have left it this long to experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I can’t wait for next year. Fingers crossed as well as watching I will also be in something!

Extra Edinburgh highlights & facts
Consuming 24+ cups of tea
Seeing a huge poster of Russell Kane with the word ‘twat’ written on his forehead
Regret not having time to see Anna Morris’s show ‘Dolly Mixture’ - Since writing this I am now going to see her at the Leicester Square Theatre on 21 October. 
Still wondering if Rachel Stubbings does have a Northern Dad. 

Who are these comedians I have been talking about?  
Daniel Kitson http://www.danielkitson.com/danmailinglist.html
Stewart Lee http://www.stewartlee.co.uk/
Roisin Conaty http://avalonuk.com/artists/view/106
Taylor Glenn http://www.taylorglenncomedy.com/
Beasts Comedy http://www.beastscomedy.co.uk/ 
Cariad Lloyd http://cariadlloyd.com/
Josie Long http://www.josielong.com/
Anna Morris http://www.annamorris.co.uk/About.html

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