29 Aug 2012

My first time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Part One #EdFringe

My first time at Edinburgh Festival was a highly organised (colour coded) schedule taking place over the bank holiday weekend. The main aim to see as many comedians as possible and get a taste of the place for potential future endeavors.

Being the end of the month and the end of the festival I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the state of the place. Would there be a slush of flyers along the pavements? Worn out bored comedians in the venues? Queues to blocked toilets?

Thankfully, no to all of the above. The beautiful city was clean and in order. If the comedians were worn out or/and bored they didn’t show it. Most importantly, no queues to blocked toilets. In fact, hardly any queues and very clean toilets. I realise I really value a clean toilet as when people have asked me about my trip I have answered, “Yeah, it was great. There were lots of toilets and you could get a cup of tea really easily.” Rock and roll.

The next few days I am blogging about the comedians I saw and my experience during my visit to the Fringe. People have asked so now they can read. Simple. (Hi Dad!) I am by no means a critic. Repeat, I am not a critic.

Friday 24 August 2012
We arrived in Edinburgh on Friday night and headed to The Counting House, part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival, to watch The Malcolm Hardee Awards 2012 hosted by Miss Behave. Richard Herring turned up for some intense ‘Egg Russian Roulette’, a pale boy protested about the 32 eggs plus one white loaf of bread wasted and then on the way out of the venue Paul Zennon gave me some attitude about not putting money into the charity bucket even though I had. (Good start to the weekend apart from the Zennon bit. Insert rude word of choice here.) 

My Edinburgh Festival blog continues in part two. Read it by clicking here.

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