25 Oct 2011

Loving my Thorne's Foods Hamper

I am quite lucky at competitions. I tend to win stuff I really love. Last week I found out I had won the Thorne's Foods hamper competition and was over the moon. I found the competition in the local Friday Ad paper when I had been sat slightly bored in rehearsals.

Today I went to collect my hamper and visit Thorne's Foods for the first time. If you haven't been you must go. Immediately. Jason, the visionary behind the store, was there to greet me and present me with a very impressive hamper. I got educated from where everything had been sourced locally.

I was especially impressed with the green tea range. Anyone who knows me knows I love my tea and I know great tea. I have got great tea by myside as I sit here typing this blog.

Here is the Thorne's Foods website

Follow them on Twitter @ThornesFoods and Facebook too!

Thank you Jason!

1 comment:

  1. Well, your post gave me some optimism because I have participated for the last couple of weeks in a contest and since yesterday they had to publish the result, but nothing. And I am not very lucky with these...however, now I am dying to win those amazing Hunter boots they are offering!
    Those pieces look like some healthy food! ;)