6 Aug 2011

Best t'shirt ever? #Fashion #Frida Kahlo

I've been a fan of Frida Kahlo for as long as I can remember. I even have make skirts, customised jackets and put together patchworks with her image on.

When I saw the Frida Kahlo t'shirt in Zara I instantly wanted it. For one reason or another (mainly my hectic work/acting study schedule) I never got around to buying it until sale time and then found it was half price. Bingo! A bargain at £7.99. I wore it for the first time in Dungeness last weekend and it has fast become my favourite t'shirt ever. Don't tell the other t'shirts.

The green trousers in the photo were also a bargain. I found the Zara trousers in a charity shop that was having a half price sale in Hove. I love it when they do that. I bought them for £2.50. Fate.

Everyone loves a bargain.

Photographs taken at the 'Listening Ears' at Dungeness. Trivia: The 'listening ears' or 'acoustic mirrors' were built between 1928 and 1930. The three massive concrete structures formed an experimental early warning system that aimed to detect invading aircraft by focusing sound waves. The site was chosen as being one of the quietest in Britain. Nice.


  1. Love the tee, is it a large china man in drag on the front? ;]

  2. I also love Frida and I am so happy to discover that Zara has a lot of thematic t-shirt this Fall ;)

  3. Wow! I love that tee shirt, it looks awesome and I like it. The design was great. The photo was fantastic too. Thank you and keep sharing.