12 Sep 2010

A tiny preview of my day at the Brighton Food Festival 2010

A lovely blue sky greeted us in Brighton today so I made the most of it and headed down to the food festival in search of exotic bounty.

At the Metrodeco stall I was greeted by Helen & Mike. They had a fantastic stall with cakes and tea. I tried a cup of the Parisian mix tea and was supposed to go back after eating to buy some tea but got side tracked - sorry Helen.

Visit the Metrodeco website here and follow them on Twitter here.

Near Jubilee Library I thought I would try out one of these strawberry dessert/cake like things. It got a bit bashed in my bag as you can see. What does it taste like? It is an interesting texture and you can taste the strawberry flavors.

At Teapigs I bought delicious teabags and they threw in some free samples. Visit the Teapigs website here.

This is the Wealdway goats cheese with cracked black pepper. I raided the samples on the goats cheese stall.

For my lunch I tried a Carribean veg curry with extra side dishes. All in all a successful day for my tummy.

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