13 Jun 2010

60 Seconds with Barbara Hulanicki founder of Biba

Find out more about the documentary, 'Beyond Biba' -

Full interview with Barbara Hulanicki founder of Biba
Interviewer: Hello Barbara. When was the last time you were here?
Barbara: I was here (Brighton) not long ago to do a film showing at the college.
Interviewer: Was it the film of Beyond Biba?
Barbara: Yes. I had Molly Parkin interview me. It was a hoot. You will have to see the film.
Interviewer: I think we all have to see the film. The film is on sale at the front of house £15 and there is also a signing. Barbara will be doing a signing at the fornt there
Barbara: I will meet people.
Interviewer: Excellent. So now we will be have a sixty second with Barbara. I didn't tell you about this. Sixty seconds with you. Paper or fabric?
Barbara: Fabric.
Interviewer: London or Miami?
Barbara: oh i don't know, difficult.
Interviewer: London or Miami?
Barbara: errr... London.
Interviewer: We knew that was coming really, didn't we? sixties or seventies?
Barbara: Seventies.
Interviewer: Seventies or Noughties?
Barbara: Seventies.
Interviewer: Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Barbara: Rolling Stones.
Interviewer: Ready to wear or Couture?
Barbara: Ready to wear. Cheap, cheap!
Interviewer: Cheap, cheap! Good answer, we all like that don't we?

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