18 Dec 2009

The first day of my Christmas holiday

Here is the exciting break down of today:
  • Lots of coughing
  • Made a hot chocolate
  • Went back to bed
  • More coughing
  • Watched several episodes / hours of Supernatural
  • Wiped my laptop hard drive and reinstalled software
  • Make several cups of tea and various snacks - all consumed from my bed
  • Lots of Twittering
  • Intermittent coughing
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Dailybooth
  • Braved walk in the snow / ice to the nearby newsagents for chocolate
  • Back into bed
  • Complained about snow / ice on Twitter
  • Watched some C.S.I
  • Decided it would be a good idea to bullet point my day on my Blog
  • Well done to you if you are still reading this far down the list
  • I am not really sure why i have done a list
  • Just like lists
  • I hold my hand up, 'yes, i over share'
  • Merry Christmas
  • :)

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