16 Dec 2009

Did i mention it's my two year Twitter anniversary today?

Can you believe i have been using Twitter for 2 years now?! I can't.

Looking back there was about 7 of us in the beginning and we knew we should join up for this 'Twitter thing' but we didn't really know why.

I was invited onto the site by one of my many American Youtube friends. I then remember inviting people and the general thoughts or first twitter updates being, "what the hell is the point of all this?"

Not only was i seduced by the fact Stephen Fry was regularly updating on Twitter but i was able to keep up to date in real time with my friends across the world. I have had many a Twitter conversation involving several time zones and a lot of laughs which you can surprisingly get from 140 characters or less. Twitter is a blessing when you have insomnia as there is always someone to talk to.

As i was there early on in Twitters history it has been amazing to see how the site has now become so popular and mainstream. Yet everyday I am still educating people on why they should use Twitter and i know there are still millions of people in the world who haven't got a clue.

I just feel special that i have been there from the beginning and seen the site grow into something really great. I have also made some very cool friends. Very cool.

My aim now is to get 1000 followers by Midnight. Follow me here:

Somebody sent me a photo of this cake they suggested would be fitting to celebrate my anniversary. Thanks @fallon_k

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