21 May 2009

Want to make your own website?

I have been using Mr.Site for over a year. I use it for my StylistBrighton site, my professional site and my mums business website. I can't express how easy it is to get fantastic results for little money. You can forward a domain name if you already have one or you simply choose a domain name when you buy. It is all included. Hosting, design software, help, all for one year...all included.

I have just been updating my sites and i noticed they had added loads of new features and tweaked up the system. I just got an offer sent through so to share the love i have a discount code for you if you want to sign up.

Go to: http://www.mrsite.co.uk/friends/

and enter: 47671-FRIENDS

Then enjoy your great discount and bloody great new website!!!!!! Enjoy! ( i am addicted to redesigning my websites on a daily basis)

1 comment:

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