24 May 2009

Attic24 gets in my top ten blog list - when i make one

After a few months of being mega crafty, in the creative hands on sense of the word, i have started cruising the internet for new websites. The websites i am looking at are for fabrics, drawer knobs, and general inspiration. (Like you should do after turning 27 when you suddenly develop an urge for egyptian cotton sheets, cushions and a good set of curtains)

My mum emailed the other day, after a phone conversation we had, to mention a blog called Attic24 which she regularly visited. My mum afterall is the lady in the know on these sorts of matters. She said i would love the blog as the lady does crochet (yet to learn) and patchwork.

Mum was right, i love the blog. (hears mothers voice in head saying, 'mother is always right, you should know that by now')

Anyway, I thought i would give the blog a shout out and anyone who loves material, fabric, crochet, patchwork, pretty and gorgeous things should go look!

Attic24 is a blog by a lady called Lucy, a stay at home mum with 2 young children. If you do stop by please say that i sent you.

Now i want to start crochet........ooohhh..

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