2 Apr 2009

Ballet, Jazzies and dungeons

I did Ballet when i was young. I always cried before class. We did 'good toes, naughty toes' to warm up. At the end of the class we picked one chocolate out of a glass jar. I googled the chocolates and they are called Jazzies. These memories are the only ones from early ballet lessons. I always lie and tell people i enjoyed Ballet. I didn't.

My ballet lessons carried on until i was nine or ten years old. The ballet teacher in later ballet years was a rather butch thick calved women who doubled as the school secretary. She was obviously stressed in her day job as she used to shout at us for being ungrateful for her teaching us.

When i think of this time of ballet i also think about 'Dungeons and Dragons' the cartoon. Wasn't that a sad story? They all wanted to leave this new weird world but they had that little white unicorn thing which couldn't leave. Once the gang all got so close to going back to their world but couldn't bear to leave the unicorn so they stayed. Heart wrenching stuff for an eight year old. I wonder what it would be like now if i watched it? Wack, i presume.

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