5 Mar 2009

Shoe shopping

I think i must be the only woman i know who doesn't like shoe shopping. It really stresses me out that everyone kind of expects women to have the wiring already build in for shoe shopping.

Yesterday, i went around the shoe shops and ended up getting stressed out. I wonddered how some people can wear heels all day. I tried on one pair of shoes and then couldn't be bothered. I had even been given forty pounds to buy shoes and still couldn't bring myself to buying anything. They were all looking so uncomfortable and high. I seem to be addicted to wearing flat shoes, trainers, and just generally comfortable shoes.

So no new shoes for me, bring on summer please so i can live in my green flipflops and bare feet.

1 comment:

  1. Agree, I love the look of shoes, and would love a shelf dedicated to displaying certain shoes, as some shoes are like a work of art.
    However I cannot walk in any sort of heel, not even if the end of the world depended upon it, ha ha, lets hope it never comes to that, LOL!
    I can't wait for summer time, so my toes can breath once more, and trip over wearing my flip flop's!=)

    Peace and Bows