28 Mar 2009

The love that could never be

I love Stephen Fry. I have had several dreams where we have been an item and it is great. We go to award ceremonies together and i even go have tea at his house. I then wake up with that 'i've got a crush' feeling only to remember i am totally not his type in any shape and form. Shame. Plus, what am i thinking?!!

The whole crush on Stephen Fry started a while ago along with my feelings on James May and possibly Jeremy Clarkson..maybe. James May for sure.

I read nothing but Oscar Wilde books over Christmas and New Year. I feel in love with Oscar Wilde too. Stephen Fry of course is the closest thing to Oscar Wilde in terms of wit, intelligence and overall greatness. Maybe that is why i love him so much.


Nothing can stop me from loving Stephen Fry and one day he might even reply to me on twitter, he does follow me after all.

Here is hoping...

1 comment:

  1. Stephen Fry is a nice fellow. At least I know who he is. I've been following your blog now for a couple of weeks, it's interesting to read!

    Kristian (persienn, one of your subscribers on youtube)