23 Mar 2009

Conversation exhibit A

Person 1: What are you wearing for your interview tomorrow?

Me: I am going to wear a shirt and my smart trousers.

Person 1: You don't want to dress too much like a lesbian.

Ok, so i do wear sensible comfy flat shoes and comfortable clothes. But, what is dressing like a lesbian?

I am now thinking about what constitutes as dressing as gay or straight, the spectrum is so vast i wouldn't know where to start. To be honest, i wouldn't want to start anaylsing it.

Wonder if any people have ever the conversation with the focus on not dressing to much like a hetrosexual?

I am going to continue dressing the way i dress and if that screams 'lesbian' then, so what?! I am comfortable and i think i look pretty god dam sharp.


  1. this blog post was written kind of lesbiany, just saying.

    hahaha. too funny.

  2. Yeah, you are right Billi...hahah