1 Feb 2009

In the shortlist for the Ravenhill competition

Today i started receiving comments on my video entry for the Guardian's Mark Ravenhill competition. I realised something must be happening in regards to the competition and realised i was in the shortlist of 12 chosen from 52 entries.

I am so happy to be shortlisted by Mark Ravenhill as he is a popular writer and someone i admire.

Mark Ravenhill is also YouTubes current Guest Editor so all the shortlisted videos have been put on the homepage. I have had to put comments on approve before publish as with other videos that have been featured. This censorship is of course is due to the rude and hurtful comments people think they have the permission to write under your videos if you are featured.

Anyway, i am happy and have my fingers crossed that i will do well.

For links on what i am talking about see The Guardian Website and YouTube.

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