2 Feb 2009

Brighton closed due to snow

Brighton seemed to have ground to a halt today after 5 inches or so of snow fell from the skies through the night.

No buses were running, the streets were hazardous, shops had minimal staff or didn't even bother to open.

There is an eerie silence in the streets as i guess everyone is in the parks or on the beach. I didn't quite make it to the beach as i had to get food shopping. Oh well. The photograph i took in one of my favourite Brighton places at the Royal Pavillion Gardens in Brighton. There was a lot of giggling going on.

I took some video to capture the maddness. Stay tuned for a video.

Apparently, there is more snow to come tonight.


  1. You should live in the Sunny Lake District...nothing much on the Furness Peninsular..!

  2. Hello's...*Sob most the snow has vanished now...I constructed a snowman, his head fell off *sob again.
    Peace and Bows...
    Prettyneons X