28 Jan 2009

Last night i dreamt i got sunburn

I woke up checking myself for bikini strap marks on my skin all because I dreamt i got sunburn. The dream is so vivid that all day i have felt like i have sunburn but i don't. I decided to see if it meant anything.

Definition one:
"Dreaming you have a sunburn when you don't can mean you feel you've exposed yourself too much to the negativity of the world, or that negativity from others is getting you down. It can mean you're irritated about others trying to cross your boundaries or take advantage of you. Or it can mean you're feeling like you've been "burned" by someone." From this website.

Definition two:
To dream that you have a sunburn, indicates that there is an emotional situation or problem that you can no longer avoid. There is some urgent matter that is literally burning through to your soul and demands your immediate attention.

Definition three:
The Sun, Symbol of life, energy and spirit. Represents the whole of your being, or source of life and consciousness. To sunbathe means to expose yourself to life-giving energies from within. To drop away morals, opinions, attitudes, as represented by clothes, and allow your energies natural expression. All energy and health, happiness and success.Or you can have sunburn, or sunstroke, symbolising an exposure to your inner energies before knowing how to cope with them.

All three definitions seem to point to things that would be bang on correct. It is always hard with these dream explainations as one can always find something which relates to your situation.

Maybe its an emotional issue or maybe i really need a holiday....both i would say..,

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