17 Nov 2008

Off to hit the streets of edinburgh!

I was wrapped up warm and headed out on the streets of Edinburgh. I met a bagpipes player, seen some amazing arcitecture and managed to out fox the live guy. I caught him then set him free again so he could carry on his mission for someone to win a netbook! Sat in a lovely little cafe having a tea before i head to the old part of Edinburgh to get some photos and video. I am really liking this City as its full of history and fantastic buildings. Some of my good friends in Brighton are originally from Edinburgh of did time at the universiy here so i guess i could be a bit bias.

I have already purchased some postcards and a fridge magnet. My plan is to collect a fridge magnet from every city i go to. Why? i don't know, i just thought it would be fun!

Ok i am going to finish my tea and preparing for the next few hours of exploring this gorgeous City.

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