18 Nov 2008

Hunting down Vodaphone Live Guy

I am now on day two of hunting Live Guy. Yesterday i was in Edinburgh which is a really beautiful city. It did have alot of steps and hills but the historic architecture was breath taking. I managed to find Live Guy twice and capture some of the winners on video.

Last night i travelled to Glasgow and spent today hitting the streets with my Dell netbook making the most of the GPS locater on the LIve Guy website to help find his location.

Today Live Guy was getting better at out smarting me as i just seemed to miss him every time!! I finally caught him at the Kelvingrove museum uploading some more updates for people to find him. Two people had already won a netbook by 1pm! Just goes to show how easy it is to get there, follow clues through Twitter, Facebook and the Live Guy website.

Tonight i make the long journey to Newcastle where Live Guy will be tomorrow, Wednesday 19th November.

I am looking forward to getting to my hotel and putting my feet up for a bit whilst getting familiar with the Newcastle City layout. It is quite exciting yet nerve racking to be in Cities you don't know so you are definitely at an advantage if you are lucky enough to live in these Cities.

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