6 Oct 2016

Bad Book Project is one year old!

The Bad Book Project had it's first birthday at The Marwood Coffee Shop and Studios and we got the original line up back together. (Miles couldn't make it so we had Vince step in).

We celebrated with balloons and party bags for the audience members on Thursday 22 September having lots of fun. Below is Joe reading his bad book choice next to the balloons. Joe has a phobia of balloons. That's commitment.

I’m so pleased with the way this night has evolved and what it has become. The night is made extra special and unique by the talented people who come along to read and the fantastic audience. The audience are able to sit and relax in an intimate environment upstairs at The Marwood. It always gets hot and sweaty! We even have a competition for best bad book which is judged by the audience and there are prizes! No two nights are ever the same and I love the way it’s rough and ready with the audience and the readers always having a brilliant time.


The idea for the night came about by having to read really bad scripts while doing my acting diploma, finding crap books in charity shops and watching, 'Celebrity Autobiography' on Youtube.

The actual inspiration for the night was a video of Kristen Wiig reading from the Suzanne Somers Poem book, 'Touch me'. (I mentioned this is in my first blog over a year ago about Bad Book Project). After watching this video (repeatedly), I ordered the poem book from America years ago (costing a whopping £25) knowing it would one day be read at a night like this and I wrote in my notebook idea for Brighton night, ‘Bad Book Project’. 

When I came to find my notebook years later and wanted to start an alternative comedy night I knew I had to use that title and use The Marwood for a venue. The Suzanne Somers book has been read by various guests throughout the year. It's like the Holy Grail for this night!! 

The night has always been a fusion of ideas from worldwide nights that I think are brilliant such as the American events like 'Moth' and 'Celebrity Autobiography’.

Our readers choose bad sci-fi, celebrity autobiographies, childhood stories or diaries, emails from funny family members, ‘how to’ books, self help and so many more….the only rule - No 50 shades of Grey nonsense!

From researching for my night, of course I know there is also an event called, 'Bad Book Club' run by Robin Ince in London many years ago. I have heard of it, but I have never seen/heard it or read the book about it. When I decided to go ahead with my night I got in contact with Robin Ince on twitter to make him aware of my night and to tell him what I was planning which was different from his night. He replied telling me to go ahead with future night, saying he didn’t invent reading from bad books and wishing me luck. I know also know there is a great night in London called, 'Cringe' where people read out their childhood diaries or stories.

In whatever project I take on I always strive to make it unique and original. I am so proud of this night and look forward to it evolving more, especially with the new ideas I have stashed up my sleeve. It is unlike any other night in Brighton and it's always free!

Make sure you follow us on twitter and Instagram at @BadBookProject and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BadBookProject

You can listen to previous Bad Book Project events on Mixcloud at https://www.mixcloud.com/jane-postlethwaite
We also now have badges so people can show their love for the night!  

Hope to see you at the next one!!


Poster artwork by Billy Mather Illustration 2016 

My Edinburgh Fringe 2016 round up post

Ok, yes it's October but here's my final round up Edinburgh post. I put this on my facebook profile when I came back home, but thought it is time to share to my blog.

Firstly, I am so glad I got the chance to do Edinburgh. It’s totally what you make it. I set intentions to get one good review and one sold out show. I got a handful of great reviews and sold out several times! That feels like an achievement. Other intentions/goals were to become a better performer and writer. I know I did that. 

I will admit the first day of being there, when I filled in my calendar for the month, I wondered what the hell I had got myself into! It was so daunting and really scary. Then I realised I just needed to take it day by day.  

You learn a lot at Edinburgh and learn it fast. One day you get audience members who really hate you and the next you get ones who love you. Everyone gets that. You can never be sure what's going to happen, but whatever happens you have to learn from it and move on! I saw people who got five stars one day get one or two stars the next day. It's all about a reviewers or audiences personal taste. You really can't please everyone all the time.

My audiences were brilliant. I had people of all ages from 14-90 years old who loved the show.



Yes, at times you do compare yourself or get jealous of others, but you soon realise it's not worth the energy. I kept a journal to record my feelings and thoughts every day. There was a pattern of being so nervous and excited in the morning before a show and then filled with adrenaline and energy after a show. Also, being so hungry after performing!!

Sadly, I did witness bitching, sexism and homophobia against some of my fellow female performers. Also, predatory males who want to put notches on their bedposts during the festival. Yep, us women, we talk amongst ourselves and we know who you are. Also, we can see what you write on Facebook. I was slightly surprised by some male comedians being very bitchy and cutting towards other female performers.

Regardless of the negativity, I felt that the female performers I know were doing especially well this year getting sold out shows, having brilliant posters and working hard achieving great reviews. I say this as I saw a lot of male performers (great performers I might add) have to pull their shows some days due to lack of audience.

I learnt how important it is to be happy for fellow performers, support them and their success. We are all in it together.

The great things I want to focus on are that I made new wonderful friends, had the chance to be part of a 5 star/sold out every day show with Anna's award winning 'It's got to be perfect' at the Voodoo Rooms, and I got looked after incredibly well by Sweet Venues. 


I got inspired by brilliant comedians and saw loads of amazing shows. I got to celebrate the end of the fringe dancing until 3am on the final night surrounded by friends!

I will say that I still don't understand people who complain consistently about Edinburgh. If you don't like it then don't do it. If drinking until 5am is making you feel shit then don't do it. If doing your comedy show is making you feel depressed - don't do it. Life's too short!!

Yeah, I was sensible with no drinking, early nights and eating healthy. I found a great juice bar called Hula and basically lived in there. I still had a great time and I worked really hard. I treated it like a job. There were hard times, but I still had fun. I loved it. 

So big thanks to everyone who supported me, came to see the show, was kind and showed me some love in person or texts/messages. I appreciate it. Huge thanks to Sweet Venues who are like a big happy family always there to support you. Can't wait for next year! Already working on a new show (currently called 'The House') and saving my pennies! 

Here's the photo of me on my final day crying against my poster so sad it was all over and feeling proud of myself

If you want to see more of my Edinburgh experience you can have a nose at my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/_jpostlethwaite/

Here is also my thank you to all the Cumbrian support I received and to Kendal Mint Cake for sponsoring the show with : http://www.cumbrialive.co.uk/comedy/Stand-up-Jane-thanks-Cumbrian-comedy-fans-for-Fringe-success-483df816-94fa-4b01-a230-8c3fda00d133-ds

While I was in Edinburgh I managed to podcast with Davey Reilly and Erin McGathy who were also doing their first ever Edinburgh solo shows. 

Have a listen below:

27 Jul 2016

A handful of podcasts I love!

If you are interested in listening to some podcasts, but don't know where to start here are some of my recommendations. Some of them with a sample episode for you to try. Click on the title to get you to the podcast channels. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Coming Soon! - On-soap.com 
Join hosts Jim Archer, Graham Dickson, and Kasey Wilson in a completely improvised podcast as they analyse plot, discuss the directors, and share clips from the actual (made-up) films.

I love the Coming Soon! podcast as it offers lots of laugh out loud moments. The voices are also very relaxing to listen to.

A podcast which is a weekly 15 minute improvised car journey. I find this podcast hilarious and it's always completely different.The episodes are so great that binged listened to every episode over a few days. They also have extra episodes that are recorded live and ones that are called 'Arrival' where the cast talk about the episode they have just recorded.

Destination is an improvised podcast created and produced in London by Katy Schutte and Tony Harris.

With special guest Lauren Lapkus
Really great comedy guests and Lauren does various characters.

Each episode the guest is the host. Take a seat with Lauren as she passes off her hosting duties to a new funny friend every week.

Hollywood Handbook 
Hollywood Handbook is an insider’s guide to achieving your showbiz dreams from two A-List it-boys who are living theirs. Hayes and Sean provide an exclusive VIP backstage pass into Tinseltown politics, answer questions from unsuccessful listeners, and bring in famous guests to discuss their craft and how they became what they are (famous).

I am currently making my way through these episodes. So far, I love the improvisation from celebrity guests and very random subjects. 

Big Magic / The Magic lessons podcast
This is the podcast that gave me that little push to get on with my own podcasting projects. The episodes inspire you to get on with your creative dream.The Magic Lessons episodes work hand in hand with Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic, which is a great read!

Comedy Bang! Bang!
I love the randomness of this podcast and they have some very cool guests on it

'Comedy Bang Bang is a high-spirited get-together between host Scott Aukerman (“Mr. Show”, Producer of “Between Two Ferns”) and his funny friends! You can expect conversation, music, improv, games, and most importantly plugs'

It looks like I can officially call myself a podcaster as I am now working on three podcasts. Although, it never feels like work as I really love it. Here are my podcast projects.

Bad Book Project
It's now been an year since I started the Bad Book Project at The Marwood coffee shop and studios. Each month I get together a group of very funny people to read very bad books to the audience. Since the first night I have recorded each one and made it into a podcast. 

You can also follow the Bad Book Project on Facebook and Twitter

The Spectacular Comedy Podcast
Are you wanting to get into comedy? Want to know how comedians write and come up with ideas? Want to know some secrets? If yes, have a listen to the Spectacular Comedy Podcast.
Last year I wanted to start a chatty comedy podcast where I talk to my comedy friends and people I admire about their creative process of writing and performing. Plus, I wanted to be nosey and find out more about them. This was the Spectacular Podcast which is now the Spectacular Comedy Podcast and has had over 5,000 plays.

You can also subscribe on listen on iTunes and leave it some stars and a review if you fancy. I will be interviewing loads of people while I am up in Edinburgh in August for the Fringe Festival so lots of exciting episodes will be coming your way. 

Character Building
Doing two podcasts has also made me want to do a comedy based one incorporating characters and improvisation. I am doing comedy characters on stage and in my Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe shows, so why not bring these to the podcast world?! 

My idea is to call the new podcast, 'Character Building' as I also want to do a fringe show with the same name at some point. Watch this space!

I have listened to various podcasts for a couple of years and I really love them. The popularity of the podcast in the UK doesn't seem as huge as it is in America, but we are getting there.Try some new podcasts out and see what you think. They do help train or car journeys go by with ease and can just help you get through the day. If you have any recommendations put them in the comments below. 

Follow me on Twitter @_JPostlethwaite 
and Facebeook https://www.facebook.com/JanePostlethwaiteComedy 

15 Jul 2016

Have you had a listen to the Spectacular Comedy Podcast? This week @KatiaKvinge #SpectacularPodcast

I've been rounding up other comedians who I like and locking them in a hot room or luring them into my home to podcast with them. You should definitely have a listen.

This week I have been talking to Katia Kvinge about art school, LA, when we both met Julia Davis and of course comedy.

I will also be ambushing more comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August so subscribe on iTunes so you don't miss out at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/spectacular-podcast/id1060816986?mt=2 

If you enjoy the podcast please leave it some stars and a review if you are feeling fruity.

If you don't have iTunes, you can follow and listen on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/jane-postlethwaite

14 Jul 2016

London folk come along to my Edinburgh Previews for just £5! #comedy #MadeinCumbriaShow

I will be doing two London previews of my Edinburgh Fringe show 'Made in Cumbria' at the Museum of Comedy and Leicester Square Theatre this month. 

You can catch me on Saturday 16 July at Museum of Comedy, London @ 8.45pm and Saturday 30 July at Leicester Square Theatre, London @ 8.30pm.

You can get tickets for just £5 at https://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873554092/events 

Hope to see you there and bring some friends! 

13 Jul 2016

My best Brighton Fringe so far! @brightonfringe #BrightonFringe

I am not sure whether the Brighton Fringe events have totally sunk in yet as I am currently focused on my Edinburgh Fringe show. I would say it was my best Brighton Fringe to date and it went by too quickly

My show 'Made in Cumbria' was with Lamb Productions at the Nowhere Man cafe this year and I loved every minute of it. I was also doing a lot of ten minute slots at various nights and shows across the city. Most of my shows were sold out and they were nominated for two awards. I was nominated for the Latest Comedy Award and the Audience Choice Award. Lamb Comedy won two awards including best venue for being at the Nowhere Man. 

My great techs Joe McCarthy and Vincent Whittaker

I also made some new friends and my flat became a comedians hang out with several comedy people staying over after their shows. I especially loved meeting the hilarious Zach & Viggo who had an amazing show at The Warren. I did a podcast with them and I know they are going to be a success at Edinburgh Fringe.They won the Latest Comedy Award that I was also nominated for.

Have a listen to our podcast at 

The Warren was my favourite venue (other than the Nowhere Man Cafe) and lots of nice new memories were made.

The bunch of comedians below include Anna Morris, Amy Howerska, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Louise Reay and Sonja aka Cheekykita.

The faboulous Lamb Comedy team made up of Amy and Lulu.

Roll on Edinburgh Fringe!!